Is God Really Your Source?

This article is by Kenneth Copeland Ministries


Years ago, the Lord gave a powerful word to Kenneth Copeland that has changed his life and the lives of KCM Partners around the world:

Don’t look to the government for your supply.

Don’t look to other people for your supply.

Pastors, don’t look to your congregation for your supply.

Jesus is our Source, and The WORD is our supply.

Why is this truth so important? Because as long as we rely on natural sources, our faith in God is not in operation, which blocks Him from showering us with abundant blessings. Today and every day, God wants to meet all your needs.

“My God supplies all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (see Philippians 4:19). Get that established in your heart. If you don’t, you could receive money every day, borrowed or not, and still stay in poverty and lack.

You may love God and think you believe Him to meet your needs, but is God really your Source? Use this 6-point checklist to find out if you’re relying on God to meet all your needs.


God Is Your Source When He Isn’t Your Plan B

“Seek FIRST the kingdom.” –Matthew 6:33 (NKJV)

Pop quiz. What do you do when you want to buy a house or a car, or an unexpected expense comes knocking at your door?

If your first thought was a natural source (loans, credit cards or people), you answered incorrectly. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a job or never take out a loan—but it does mean that your first thought should go straight to God—your Source.

Most of us want to believe God is our Source, but when it comes down to it, our actions speak louder than words. We’ve been trained by the world to make natural options our source—even to rely on them exclusively. Some have fallen for the trap. They make God their Plan B, choosing instead to rely on things like:

  • Credit card debt
  • Loans
  • Government assistance
  • Parental support
  • A job or employer
  • Social Security or Medicare
  • Donors or congregants

Then, when natural means fail, they fall to their knees and cry out to God for help, when all along, they had access to the best plan of all. A big enemy of making God your Source? Impatience. God takes too long to answer. I’ll have to wait forever to get a house. I can’t afford to pay cash for a car.

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

There’s good news for you today: God wants you to have everything you need—and even the desires of your heart. But you have to do it His way. This means investing all your confidence in Him first—not just when things turn ugly.

Anything that bumps God out of first position is a code-red situation. It would be like relying on a blow-up raft with a hole in it when you’ve been invited to board a yacht sailing right next to you.

Let’s get one thing straight. Your job, the government, your family, your savings account, your retirement account or your credit cards—those things can fail. God will never fail, so don’t make Him your Plan B!


God Is Your Source When You Believe

“Have faith in God.” –Mark 11:22

Now, it’s time to take God off Plan B status and move Him to Plan A, or No. 1, where He belongs. God is your Source when you believe He is your Source. That means showing a poverty mentality the door. It means you must stop wondering if He really wants to bless you, and it certainly requires pushing the mute button on the “what ifs” in your vocabulary.

When you learn to make God your Source—to really know and believe in your spirit that He will provide everything you need—your life will move from stress to peace, lack to abundance, and confusion to certainty.

In other words, have faith in God, and your life will be forever changed.

Is it really that simple? Yes. Yes, it is.

Believing is the key to ending the daily struggle—that feeling that you just can’t get in front of everything life throws at you. It’s moving from opinions to revelation.

Abraham caught the revelation. He knew and believed so strongly that God was his Source, that he took his son Isaac to sacrifice to the Lord. Abraham believed God would provide. When Abraham “lifted up his eyes and looked” (Genesis 22:13, ESV), there was a lamb in the thicket. He looked into the realm of the supernatural because he knew that is where his provision would come from.

That’s the key. You’ve got to lift your eyes up to Him instead of looking down at your bills or your circumstances.

Say, “God is my Source.” Keep saying it, and keep meditating on the Word. Let the revelation come alive in your heart until you believe that He is your one and only Source of supply.

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